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Deer burger with sea kale, samphire and endive

4 persons | Beef | Meat | Main dish


1. Fry the burgers alternately on the low rack for 3-4 minutes.
2. Place the burgers indirectly for another 10 minutes.
3. Place a cast iron pan on the low rack and heat it with olive oil.
4. Fry the sea kale together with the outer leaves of the endive until cooked.
5. Remove the pan from the BBQ, add the samphire, the leaves of the endive heart, pesto and pickles.
6. Depending on your sandwich, you can reheat it briefly on the grid.

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• 4 venison burgers, approx. 150 gr each       
• 100 gr samphire                         
• 100 gr sea kale                               
• 1 endive                            
• 2 tbsp pickles
• 2 tbsp pesto
• 4 Brioche or sourdough bread


• 180 gr dome temperature
​• Proset, 1 side with a low grid and 1 side indirectly decorate with a deflector plate.

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