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Guinea fowl with Savoy cabbage package, cranberries

4 persons | Kamado, Poultry | Meat | Main dish


Cut off the legs of the guinea fowl, which can be cooked in a dutch oven like a stew. Sprinkle the guinea fowl with some chicken herbs, put it with indirect heat (with heat deflector) on the Kamado, until a core of 63°C. Take the outer leaves of the cabbage and cook them until tender. Chop the rest and cook them until tender. Add the bechamel sauce and bacon cubes, and season with Asian herbs. Roll the savoy cabbage mixture into a leaf and stick a skewer in it. Place the rolls next to the guinea fowl on the Kamado. When the guinea fowl is ready, cut the fillets from the carcass and divide them into pieces. Warm the cranberries and serve on a warm plate.



Make the cranberry compote yourself with fresh cranberries, orange, sugar and aniseed.

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  • guinea fowl, 2 pieces (4 fillets)
  • 100 gr bacon bits, fried
  • 1 pot cranberry compote
  • 1 savoy cabbage
  • 1 pot bechamel sauce
  • Asian spices - Eldurapi
  • smoke wood - EldurApi
  • chicken seasoning - Eldurapi 


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