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A special story

A kamado that is designed with the best industrial ceramics, baked in blast furnaces at 1200 degrees, and combined with stainless steel parts. The stainless steel parts ensure a maintenance-free appliance, which is dishwasher safe. The Japanese grill technique combined with a Western food culture has brought us to the development of the Woodchipper, which allows us to add herbs and smoking wood during preparation.

In addition to the kamado, a shichirin has also been developed under the wings of Yakiniku. The same techniques have also been applied to a completely different barbecue technique from Japan, creating a truly unique product worldwide. The shichirin, also called Konro, are traditionally made from Dolomite clay or river clay, which causes the barbecues to tear. YAKINIKU has opted for high-quality ceramics. The love that once arose for fire and food has grown into a professional company that supplies barbecues worldwide under the name YAKINIKU.

Everyone is a master griller with the YAKINIKU

The kamado from YAKINIKU offers the easiest way of barbecuing and is the most all-round appliance that exists on charcoal. You can cold smoke from 30 degrees to 300 degrees bake pizzas. Everyone is a master griller with the YAKINIKU!

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