• The Yakiniku is a kamado grill made of extra thick ceramics of the highest quality combined with very strong mineral cordierite and quartz. Even in winter, this kamado grill is ready to be used.

  • All the stainless steel used for the Yakiniku is type 304. 

  • The chimney of the Yakiniku is also made of 304 stainless steel and, unlike the cast iron versions often found, it will not rust at all.

  • The ash tray of the Yakiniku is wide, so you can store more ashes.

  • The felt edge supplied is made of non-flammable material to ensure that the Yakiniku is fully sealed.

  • The oxygen input of the Yakiniku is divided up into measuring units. And it has a grid to prevent the loss of charcoal.

  • The wood chipper is airtight and has dual insulation so that you can use this kamado without burning your fingers. 


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