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In the Yakiniku Mencave, Lange Reksestraat 19B Terneuzen.



The concept: You are expected around 18:00 and welcomed with a drink of your choice. When the group is complete, Frederic Kole from Yakiniku will welcome you and explain the basic use of a Kamado. After which Chef Marcin Beaufort takes over and gives you a variety of dishes. You can participate as an active member yourself or follow the evening before as a demo, the choice is yours. All drinks and dishes are included. The workshop lasts until 10 p.m. Of course women are also welcome in our Mancave.



BBQ EAT LEARN ENJOY 31 OCT: AUTUMN STYLE WORKSHOP Start: 6 pm for € 75 (with drinks)


28 NOV: WINTER STYLE WORKSHOP Start: 6 pm for € 75 (with drinks)



* If, after registration, you are still unable to find it, we are happy to find another date together up to 2 weeks before the workshop.