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Kamado shop

Besides shopping online, you can also see the YAKINIKU Kamado in real life at a Kamado dealer near you. At the Kamado bbq shop, you can see various products from YAKINIKU. Of course, you can find the YAKINIKU Kamado and Shichirin at the Kamado store. With the Kamado and Shichirin from YAKINIKU, you're going for a luxurious black appearance and use of the very best materials. At YAKINIKU, quality is always at the forefront. The Marabu charcoal can also be found in the Kamado shop. Marabu charcoal is a beautiful, traditionally prepared charcoal of the highest quality. The charcoal for your Kamado barbecue. The Kamado bbq shop is located throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, and you can also see YAKINIKU products in real life in Germany and England. Check the map above for a Kamado store near you.

Our Story

The history of the Kamado began in the Japanese Edo period (1603-1867), the start of a great gastronomic era. The samurai and rich merchants loved an extensive menu, so restaurants needed a large cooker. This is where the Kamado was born. The Kamado therefore played an important role in the development of Japanese gastronomy. However, it took until after the Second World War before Kamados became known in the Western world. After American soldiers had noticed barbecues among Japanese soldiers. Now, many years later, Japanese grills are indispensable and the YAKINIKU Kamado is for sale in various Kamado shops throughout the Netherlands.

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YAKINIKU verkooppunten


The Kamado by YAKINIKU is a special barbecue that focuses on quality. YAKINIKU means 'grilled meat' in Japanese, which can be traced back to the primary purpose of the bbq, grilling. However, grilling with the Kamado means much more than that.

High-quality ceramic

When you see a Kamado grill in real life, for example in a Kamado shop, the first thing you will notice is the black housing of the bbq. This massive housing of the Japanese grill is made of extra thick ceramic. This high quality ceramic ensures that the Kamado gets up to temperature in no time. The Kamado is able to retain this heat and keep it stable for many hours. The special construction of the Kamado and the thick ceramic walls make the Kamado grill extremely energy-efficient. In addition, the Kamado is very economical in the use of charcoal. The ceramic of the Kamado is made is a special development process. The casing of the bbq is made of refined quartz and cordierite baked at 1200℃ in a blast furnace. The possibilities are endless when you grill with the Kamado grill. It's up to you whether you choose the perfect cooking for your steak or a pizza with a crispy base. Of course, you can also choose to slowly cook a delicate piece of meat with smoke. With YAKINIKU smoking wood, you can always add the perfect smoked flavour to your dishes. View the full range of smoking wood online here or check for a Kamado store near you!

Kamado specialties

Because quality is central to YAKINIKU, all materials of the YAKINIKU bbq are also made of high quality. The Japanese grill is therefore resistant to all weather conditions and temperature changes. When you are in a Kamado bbq shop, you will notice the shiny stainless steel on the Kamado. This stainless steel is type 304. The best steel when it comes to heat resistance and corrosion protection. The Kamado grill from YAKINIKU is therefore also perfect for use in winter. At the bottom and top of the Japanese grill, there is a magrite disk, also of stainless steel type 304. In combination with the ventilation slider, you can reach the perfect temperature for your preparation on the Japanese grill. With the thermometer you can easily read what temperature your Kamado reaches. The ventilation sliders can be set to different positions in order to achieve different temperatures on the barbecue. The Kamado medium, Kamado large and Kamado xlarge are equipped with a durable glass fibre felt. The felt is of particularly high quality and ensures that the Kamado is completely sealed, so that no heat is lost. With the YAKINIKU woodchipper, you can easily add extra flavour and smoke to your dishes. The opening ensures that you do not need to open the lid of the bbq and thus no temperature is lost in the process. The closure of the woodchipper opening is absolutely airtight and double insulated. The mini-Kamado and Kamado compact are equipped with an ash pan. The Kamado medium, Kamado large and Kamado xlarge are equipped with an ashtray. The ashtrays are extra large so that you can collect more ash and can easily remove them for cleaning.

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