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The best ceramic bbq

With YAKINIKU ceramic barbecues, you go for a luxurious black look and use of the very best materials. These ceramic Kamados are the best on the market and perfect for anyone who wants to get the best out of their BBQ adventures and dishes.

The YAKINIKU Ceramic Kamado

The YAKINIKU Ceramic Kamado is designed after the traditional Japanese model. The oval shape of the Kamado provides optimal hot-air circulation. The supply of oxygen can be closely controlled by two air vents. This combination ensures that you always set the desired temperature and thus you are always in charge of your ceramic bbq. You easily sear a steak on the outside and then let it cook further at a lower temperature. The ceramic Kamado range of YAKINIKU now consists of 5 models. The XLARGE, LARGE, MEDIUM, COMPACT and the MINI. The diameter of these models ranges from 11 to 22 inches. The two smallest models can easily be placed on a table and the COMPACT model is even provided with a handy camping frame. The larger models come standard with a stainless steel frame and bamboo side tables. These models can of course also be ordered without a base in order to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Because quality is central to YAKINIKU, all stainless steel parts of the ceramic barbecues are type 304. Because of the high heat that the Kamados can reach, this is the best choice. YAKINIKU ceramic barbecues are perfect for all kinds of cooking, from ''low and slow'' (+ 90° C) to ''searing'' (+ 400° C).

The ceramic housing

The success of cooking on YAKINIKU Kamados is due to the ceramic casing of the barbecues. The ceramic bbq is made of 33 millimetres thick ceramic in combination with cordierite so that the heat is optimally retained. The advantage of this is that the charcoal consumption is 50 to 70 percent lower compared to an open barbecue where oxygen has free play. Thanks to the high-quality ceramic, the Kamado will reach the right temperature in no time and it will keep the heat stable for many hours. Thanks to the special construction and the high-quality thick ceramic walls, the Kamado is extremely energy-efficient and economical in the use of charcoal. The ceramic bbq is also perfect for use in winter, because the glazed ceramic also protects against rain and snow and is therefore weatherproof. This is what makes the YAKINIKU ceramic Kamado the best.

Want to buy a genuine YAKINIKU ceramic bbq? Check for a dealer near you, or check out the entire range of ceramic barbecues.


The best tips for the ceramic bbq

To get the most out of your YAKINIKU ceramic Kamado, proper preparation is key. Here are a few master tips.

Master Tips ceramic bbq

1. Start by filling the charcoal basket of the ceramic bbq to the brim. Always use charcoal of good quality. This allows the oxygen to circulate better.

2. Then light the ceramic bbq with two or more natural firelighters. After lighting, open the upper and lower ventilation sliders completely. Then close the lid of the ceramic Kamado and let it get to temperature.

3. When the YAKINIKU Ceramic Kamado has warmed up, you can set the desired temperature by re-adjusting the air vents. For cooking at low temperatures 90-120 degrees: Open the lower ventilation grid only 2 or 3 centimetres and the upper only slightly. For medium temperatures, open the ventilation sliders a little further. Especially in combination with the heat shield (accessory), you get full control over even heat in your ceramic Kamado.

4. With the YAKINIKU ceramic bbq, you can always cook several dishes at once. For this you use the XLARGE and the LARGE ceramic Kamados. In combination with the pro set, you can grill with direct and indirect fire on your ceramic Kamado.

5. Do you want to bake bread or pizza on your ceramic Kamado? You can do that too without any problems. Open the bottom vent slider even further. As a general rule, the more air that flows through and the more charcoal there is in the combustion chamber, the higher the cooking temperature.

6. You can read the temperature on the YAKINIKU Kamado from the thermometer in the lid.

7. Has the grilling process ended? Close both ventilation slides completely. The fire is smothered by the lack of oxygen and the ceramic Kamado goes out. The remaining charcoal can be used again the next day.

8. For optimal use of your ceramic barbecue, it is important that you maintain your Kamado properly. Make sure you regularly clean your ceramic barbecue.

Curious to know more tips and tricks for the optimal use of your ceramic barbecue? Click here.

Ceramic bbq accessories

Grilling on direct and indirect fire or a delicious crispy pizza. Your YAKINIKU ceramic Kamado can be expanded with various accessories for countless preparations. With our range, you can always get the most out of your ceramic Kamado.

Ceramic Kamado accessories
Cast iron grid | Your ceramic bbq is not complete without the cast iron grid. A cast iron grid in the Kamado is used to make a quick and beautiful imprint on your grilled products. With the cast iron grid, you can finish off your YAKINIKU ceramic barbecue! Shop your cast iron grid here.

Pro set | The pro set is an indispensable accessory for your ceramic Kamado LARGE and XLARGE. The pro set is a multi-level system that allows you to flexibly arrange your ceramic barbecue. You can easily grill with direct and indirect zones at the same time. You split your ceramic Kamado in two, as it were. Now you can use a heat shield on one side of your Kamado to grill your ingredients indirectly. On the other side of your ceramic charcoal bbq, you can grill directly without a heat shield. With the multilevel lift, it is possible to prepare your dishes at different heights on your ceramic Kamado. In the multilevel lift you can place your crescent grids at different heights. With this, you can determine the distance between the coals and your grid on both sides and always achieve the perfect cooking per ingredient. Ready to become a real griller? Expand your ceramic barbecue now with the pro set.

Woodchipper | Add extra flavour to your dish on the ceramic Kamado with smoke wood. The various flavours from our range provide a true taste sensation. All ceramic Kamado models (except the MINI) are equipped with a double insulated entrance for adding smoke wood. This insulation also allows you to operate the woodchipper without burning your fingers. The advantage of this access is that you can add smoke wood without opening the ceramic barbecue, so you will not lose any heat. Do you also want to add extra flavour to your dishes on the YAKINIKU Kamado? Shop the woodchipper here!

Extra raised grid | Create at least 70% more grill surface with the extra raised grid that fits on your ceramic bbq. With this grid on your ceramic barbecue, you can prepare ingredients at different heights. This allows you to keep the ingredients separated and keeps a clear overview of your Kamado. The grid is ideal to keep food warm and you will always achieve perfect cooking. Choose now for this ideal extension to your ceramic Kamado and buy the extra raised grid.

Protective cover | Make sure that your ceramic barbecue is always in perfect condition. With the protective cover, your Kamado can withstand any weather: rain, sun and frost. The cover keeps your Kamado nice and clean. Do you also want to extend the life of your ceramic barbecue? Shop now for the protective cover.

Teppanyaki plate | The teppanyaki plate is the perfect accessory to prepare Japanese teppanyaki dishes on your ceramic Kamado. Teppanyaki is a type of food preparation from Japanese cuisine in which an iron plate (teppan) is used to cook food. Fresh ingredients are placed on a teppanyaki plate in the ceramic bbq in contact with the glowing plate for as short a time as possible and are seared at lightning speed. This preserves the colour, flavour and nutrients. Make sure you have a temperature of 180°C in your Kamado for the best results. If you want to grill in the real Japanese way, buy the teppanyaki plate now.

Grid cleaning tool | The maintenance of your ceramic barbecue is very important to always get the best results. With the grid cleaning tool you can easily remove residue left behind on the grid of the ceramic Kamado. The special V-shape allows you to quickly remove residue from your previous grilling session. Always a clean grill on your YAKINIKU Kamado? Then shop the grid cleaning tool.

Ash cleaning tool | The ash cleaning tool is ideal for easily removing ash residue from the ceramic barbecue. You use this tool to easily and quickly slide the remaining ash in your ceramic Kamado out through the ventilation slider. You can also use the ash tool to spread your coals or poke them in the burning coals. Cleaning your ceramic barbecue is a chore that should not be forgotten. Want to make sure your Kamado stays in perfect condition? Then shop the ash cleaning tool now.

Why is YAKINIKU ceramic bbq the best?

YAKINIKU ceramic Kamados are the best Kamados on the market. Because quality is our focus, we offer a lifetime warranty on the ceramic Kamados. But why is the YAKINIKU Kamado better than other barbecues?

Difference between YAKINIKU ceramic bbq and gas bbq

With the YAKINIKU ceramic Kamado, you have the opportunity to let your barbecue rise to any temperature and to maintain that temperature. The Kamados can reach a temperature of no less than 350°C. This is not possible with a gas barbecue. In addition, with a ceramic barbecue from YAKINIKU you use charcoal, which is not possible with a gas barbecue.

Difference ceramic bbq YAKINIKU and open barbecue

YAKINIKU ceramic barbecues are the best at holding any desired temperature. This is possible because of the ceramic housing of the Kamado. The ceramic is made through a special development process. The ceramic is refined with quartz and cordierite and baked in a blast furnace at 1200°C. With an open barbecue, the temperature cannot be regulated and it is not possible to maintain the desired temperature.

Difference ceramic bbq YAKINIKU and ball barbecue

The YAKINIKU ceramic bbq can perfectly hold and distribute heat. A ball barbecue, on the other hand, is made of steel. This ensures that the temperature in the barbecue constantly decreases. The temperature cannot be controlled like in the ceramic Kamado. Moreover, when using a ball barbecue you always have to add coals and you cannot reuse them. With the ceramic bbq by YAKINIKU, it is possible to close the lid after use and reuse the charcoal the next time.

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