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Discover the seasoning for your barbecue: BBQ Salt

In the world of barbecue, there is one ingredient that is familiar to almost everyone and that no grill master can do without: BBQ Salt. It is commonplace, but so indispensable that it features in many recipes.

In the BBQ world, this is no different. Whether salt for barbecue, salt for meat or fish is used. It provides extra flavour that many other ingredients cannot match.

Whether you are simply grilling a burger, cooking a juicy steak or putting a collection of vegetables on the barbecue, BBQ Salt adds a deep flavour. It is the small but oh-so-important addition to your barbecue session.

The importance of BBQ Salt

When you are preparing a barbecue, there is one essential ingredient you should not overlook: BBQ Salt. In our extensive collection of high-quality grill salt, you'll find a range of options tailored to various tastes and preferences. Whether you enjoy the smoky aroma of smoked salt or the subtle, sophisticated flavour of Himalayan salt, we have something for everyone. But what makes herbal salt so unique and indispensable?


Our BBQ Salts are not just any salt; they are carefully formulated with the finest ingredients and craftsmanship to boost quality. Take for example our EldurApi 22 Smoked Salt, a special variety of smoked barbecue salt that adds a smoky flavour to your dishes. Or discover the EldurApi 23 Fish Salt, a seasoning blend designed to enhance the flavours of fish and seafood.

Suitable for various dishes

The versatility of BBQ Salt really knows no bounds. Whether you are preparing steaks, chicken, vegetables or even desserts, our salts add extra flavour to all your dishes. Sprinkle a hefty portion of smoked salt over your meat for a true flavour explosion, or use our salt mixture for grilling dishes to create the ideal balance of flavours.

Amount of salt

A common question is how much salt is needed for a successful barbecue. Indeed, adding salt to your dishes requires a good balance. Too much can lead to an overly salty taste, while too little salt can result in a bland dish. Start moderately and add to taste, and experiment with different amounts to discover what suits you best. Our recipes and tips, specially designed for fish or meat, offer inspiration to get you started on creating tasty dishes.

Storage and use

Our salts come in sturdy packaging that guarantees freshness and quality. Store them in a cool, dry place, protected from moisture and direct sunlight, to preserve optimal flavour. Remember to sprinkle the salt evenly over your dishes for the ideal distribution of flavour and aroma.

Côte à l'os Caveman style with Chimichurri

Discover a dish where our salt plays an important role: our Caveman Style Côte à l'os with homemade Chimichurri. With every bite, you taste the balance between the spices and the salt.

Preparation time:

Preparation: x

Preparation: 10 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes

Number of persons: 4

Type of dish: Main course

Cuisine: Kamado, Beef


- Côte à l'os (± 3 cm thick)

- YAKINIKU Japanese Szechuan Pepper

- YAKINIKU Japanese Smoked Salt

- Olive oil

- Homemade chimichurri


- Meat thermometer

- Kamado

- Charcoal

- Cutting board


1. Start by finely chopping the parsley, garlic and chilli.

2. Mix the garlic, salt, pepper and lemon zest in the mortar (pestle).

3. Then add the chilli, parsley and oregano and mortar (pestle) all together until combined.

4. Add olive oil and lemon juice to the mixture in the mortar. Make sure the mixture is sufficiently stirred.

5. Let the chimichurri rest for a few minutes and then taste. Add extra garlic, salt or pepper to taste.

Preparation Côte à l'os:

1. Remove the meat from the fridge some time before grilling to allow it to reach room temperature. Pat the meat dry with some kitchen paper.

2. Light charcoal in the Kamado and wait until the coals are well warm.

3. Rub the meat with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper.

4. Place the meat directly on the coals and cook until the desired temperature is reached.

5. Remove the meat from the barbecue and let it rest in aluminium foil for a few minutes.

6. Slice the meat into strips and serve with the homemade chimichurri sauce. Enjoy your meal!


Enter the world of EldurApi, where passion for flavour and quality merges thanks to our collaboration with barbecue legend Peter de Clercq. Our range of salts, including Black Salt, Himalayan Salt, Smoked Salt, Fish Salt and Veggie Salt exude this. Each salt is put together with care, using the finest ingredients and attention to detail.