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Kamado BBQ XL

Kamados have a millennia-old tradition in Asia and are characterised by their special design and functionality. The Kamado grill XL is perfect for all types of cooking. From ''low and slow'' (+ 90° C) to ''searing'' (+ 350° C). The Kamado XL BBQ brings the hob and oven from the kitchen to the garden, so to speak. Numerous cooking methods are possible on the Kamado XL. Such as low-temperature cooking, cooking and direct & indirect grilling. But also frying or baking, everything is possible and can be controlled to the exact degree on the Kamado XL grill. The grill grid of the Kamado XL has a diameter of no less than 56 cm.
The YAKINIKU Kamado extra large has a solid ceramic housing and an adjustable air supply. At the bottom is a coal basket for the fuel. By adjusting the ventilation sliders, you create the perfect air circulation. As a result, any desired temperature level can be achieved and maintained. The Kamado XL BBQ is perfect for large groups of 8 to 12 people.

XL Kamado

The Kamado XL from YAKINIKU®. 

The Kamado 22-inch has a Woodchipper opening, grill grid (56 cm), coal basket and fire bowl.

  • The YAKINIKU Kamado BBQ XL is handmade in a specially developed process. The special ceramic is refined with quartz and cordierite. The ceramic is then fired in the blast furnace at 1200°C.
  • The stainless steel used in the Kamado XL 22-inch is grade 304 stainless steel and dishwasher-safe.
  • The ventilation control on top of the Kamado XL BBQ is also made of stainless steel 304.
  • The ash pan of the XL Kamado is extra spacious. This allows more ash to be collected compared to the average Kamado.
  • The seal of the YAKINIKU Kamado BBQ XL is made of durable fibreglass.
  • The Woodchipper is airtight and double insulated. This allows you to refill smoking wood without burning your fingers. Thanks to the bayonet system, the opening for the Woodchipper is easy to use without damaging the ceramic housing.
  • The fire bowl of the Kamado BBQ XL consists of several parts. It consists of an ash pan and a coal basket. 

Kamado 22 inch | Optional accessories

Pro set
When you want to use the Kamado BBQ XL to its full potential, the pro set is an indispensable accessory. The pro set allows you to work with different techniques. The set consists of 2 half-moon grills, 2 half-moon heat shields and a multilevel lift. The multilevel system allows indirect and direct grilling on your Kamado 22-inch. With the pro set, you divide your ceramic BBQ into two parts. In the multilevel lift, you can place the half-moon grids at different heights. This allows you to determine the distance between your grid and coals on both sides. This way, you always achieve the perfect cooking.

BBQ cleaning brush
The BBQ cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning your Kamado BBQ XL grid. With the steel brush, you can easily clean the ceramic Kamado grid. It is very important to keep the grid of the Kamado 22-inch clean. You want to guarantee the quality of your preparations at all times. Therefore, always remove all food and fat residues after using the Kamado XL BBQ. Your next preparations will now be just as tasty again. Without residues and flavours from your previous preparations. With the cleaning brush, this job is quickly done.

Extra raised grid
The extra raised grid on the Kamado 22-inch is a unique extension. This extra raised grid can be placed on any grid. This creates a three-level cooking system. This makes it possible to grill on three levels in the Kamado, both directly and indirectly. This increases the grilling surface of the Kamado BBQ XL by up to 70%. This ensures that various dishes can be prepared simultaneously and in different ways. With the raised grid, you can show off your grill master quality at its best and keep an overview of the food.

Protection | Gloves & floor mat
The YAKINIKU floor mat is specially designed to keep your terrace free from grease splashes and other nasty spots. The floor mat features a logo that also serves as a hanging system. This mat is ideal when using the Kamado BBQ XL. The YAKINIKU leather gloves are lined with kevlar. This makes the gloves super heat-resistant and also makes them look nice. The gloves are perfect for changing your setup in your Kamado 22-inch. You do this completely safely without burning your hands.