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The Kamado medium

With the medium Kamado from YAKINIKU, you go for a luxurious black look and use of the very best materials. The Kamado medium bbq is equipped with many features and is suitable for everyone.

Kamado medium parts

Coal basket | With this handy coal basket you will never have ash between your charcoal in your Kamado medium 40. The ash falls easily into the ash pan, with the coal separator you can easily determine the amount of charcoal in your Kamado grill medium 40.

Fiberglass seal | Thanks to the fiberglass seal of your Kamado bbq medium, the lid closes perfectly and you enjoy an optimal air tightness.

Pre-mounted hinge | Your Kamado bbq 16 inch comes with a pre-mounted hinge. The adjustment of this hinge can be adjusted as desired. More information about mounting your Kamado 16 inch bbq? Click here.

Chimney with rain cap | With this robust chimney, made of high quality stainless steel type 304. You make sure that your Kamado medium bbq reaches the desired temperature. The rain hat ensures that the cooking process is not disturbed by rain.

Stainless steel grill rack | This grill rack suitable for your Kamado grill medium is made of stainless steel type 304. This type of stainless steel is optimal for heat resistance. The grid has a handy hatch so you can easily move the grid. It is important that you maintain your Kamado bbq medium well. Click here for all tips.

Thermometer | With this robust thermometer you can always accurately read the temperature of your Kamado grill 16 inch.

Smoke wood supply | The smoke wood supply is ideal for adding extra flavour to your preparations on the Kamado medium. Using the woodchipper you can easily access your charcoal without opening the lid and losing valuable heat.

Bamboo side table | Quality is central at YAKINIKU, therefore the choice for bamboo side tables on the 16 inch Kamado bbq. The high quality bamboo does not conduct heat and is heat resistant. The side tables are very handy for accessories or other grilling utensils.

With a medium Kamado from YAKINIKU, you not only get a high quality product in the house, but also provide your garden or (outdoor) kitchen with a luxurious look. Shop your Kamado bbq medium now!

Kamado medium | Appropriate accessories

To turn your medium Kamado into a culinary all-rounder, YAKINIKU offers the possibility to expand the 16-inch Kamado with all sorts of accessories.

Kamado 16 inch accessories

Extra raised grid | With this extra raised grid, suitable for your Kamado medium, you create 70% more grill surface. In addition, this grid allows you to prepare ingredients at different heights. This allows you to cook all ingredients to perfection on your Kamado 16-inch. Shop now for the extra high grid for your Kamado bbq.

Heat shield | The heat shield is an indispensable accessory for the Kamado medium. With the heat shield, you can protect your ingredients from direct heat. This prevents your ingredients from burning or becoming dry on the Kamado grill. With the heat shield you can cook with indirect heat by placing the shield between your grid and burning coals. The shield in your 16-inch Kamado will now prevent direct radiant heat from the coals onto your ingredient. It also prevents oil or grease from spilling on your charcoal. When grilling indirectly, you use your medium Kamado more as an oven than as a grill. Since you are cooking in a closed Kamado, the bbq flavour will be in your preparation. Shop now this indispensable accessory.

Grill lift | To use the heat shield you need the grill lift for your Kamado medium. With the grill lift you can easily place the heat shield in the 16 inch Kamado. This allows for indirect grilling. Buy the grill lift for your Kamado medium bbq now!

Pizza stone | Turn your Kamado medium into a real pizza oven. With the pizza stone from YAKINIKU, you can bake the tastiest pizzas on your 16-inch Kamado. This ceramic stone evenly distributes the heat in the Kamado bbq and retains excess moisture, so you always have a crispy pizza base. Bread and especially pizza should be baked at a high temperature. Bread between 200-250 °C and pizza between 350-400 °C. Place your grill, heat shield and standard grid with your pizza stone on it well in advance. Without the heat shield, the pizza stone gets so hot that the bottom of your pizza or bread would burn immediately. Do you also want to bake pizzas on your Kamado medium? Shop the pizza stone now.

Teppanyaki plate | With the teppanyaki plate, made from tempered steel, you can prepare Japanese teppanyaki dishes on the Kamado medium. With this plate you can easily prepare meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Make sure you maintain a temperature of 180°C in your Kamado bbq for the best results. Shop the teppanyaki plate now.

Luxury leather gloves | With these leather gloves, you always protect your hands during the preparations on the Kamado medium. These gloves are extremely heat resistant and comfortable. The inside is lined with Kevlar, which provides extra protection and comfort. Easily change the set-up of your Kamado bbq 16 inch without burning your hands. On the gloves is a handy loop which you can hang them on the medium Kamado. For a luxurious look and protection, shop the luxurious leather gloves now.

Do you want to see all accessories for the Medium Kamado? Click here for the Kamado 16 inch offer.

Kamado medium | Maintenance

With YAKINIKU, you go for a luxurious black look and use the very best materials. At YAKINIKU, quality is key. To ensure the quality of your medium Kamado, it is important to maintain it properly. Here are some master tips from YAKINIKU for maintaining your 16-inch Kamado.

Felt replacement | When the felt of your Medium Kamado needs to be replaced, it is time to remove the old felt. You can replace this felt with the glass fiber felt from YAKINIKU. Click here for an instructional video on how to replace the felt on the 16-inch Kamado.

Remove moisture from the thermometer | It may happen that moisture ends up in the thermometer of your medium Kamado. Fortunately, this moisture is easy to remove. Start by unscrewing the thermometer from the medium Kamado grill. Then place it in the oven for at least 30 minutes at 150 °C. Now that your thermometer is free of moisture again, you can put it back on the Kamado bbq. Want to see the whole video? Click here.

Cast iron maintenance | The cast iron products of YAKINIKU need extra maintenance. You do this by smearing the cast iron grid with vegetable oil and baking it at 150 °C for 30 minutes in your Kamado medium. Repeat this process twice. Curious to see the whole video? Click here.

Kamado cleaning | To ensure that your Kamado medium bbq stays in top condition, it is important that you clean it properly. You do this with the cleaning kit from YAKINIKU. This cleaning kit consists of stainless steel cleaner and maintenance, kamado cleaner, grill cleaner, microfiber cloth, steel sponge and a bucket for charcoal residue. You start by spraying the grill cleaner on the grill, woodchipper opening and chimney of the Kamado bbq. You do this before putting everything into the dishwasher. Then you remove the aspan from your medium Kamado. Then you spray all the stainless steel parts of the 16 inch Kamado with stainless steel cleaner. Then use the Kamado cleaner to clean the ceramic parts of the Kamado. Finally, take everything out of the dishwasher, put the Medium Kamado back together again and see the difference! Curious to see the whole video? Click here.