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At YAKINIKU®, quality and service are at the forefront. This has led to a diverse and complete range of high-quality ceramic barbecues. With the YAKINIKU® egg BBQ, you can prepare unique and refined fish, meat, and even vegetarian dishes in a completely Japanese style. The egg BBQ is therefore the most versatile barbecue you can buy. The egg BBQ is available in various designs and sizes, from a small egg BBQ to a large XXL egg BBQ. This type of barbecue suits everyone and is suitable for any occasion. Whether it's a cozy evening grilling in your own backyard or at the campsite, the possibilities are endless. It's no wonder that the BBQ egg has grown strongly in popularity in recent years. We would like to take you on a journey through the story of our BBQ egg Kamado. Ready to buy a Kamado? Shop online or visit a dealer near you. With the YAKINIKU® BBQ egg Kamado, you are guaranteed a delightful grilling experience.

Japanese Refinement

Our name YAKINIKU® originates from Japan, where it means "grilling." So it's no surprise that the YAKINIKU® Kamado is specially shaped to the traditional Japanese model. But what is a BBQ egg? The Kamado has the shape of an egg because the oval shape ensures optimal hot air circulation, with oxygen supply controlled by two air slides. This allows you to easily determine the desired temperature of your egg barbecue, effortlessly searing a steak on the outside before letting it cook further at a lower temperature. This results in a tender piece of meat.

Various cooking methods are possible: high & fast grilling, low & slow grilling, and direct & indirect grilling. With the right techniques, it's possible to bring the Kamado to various temperatures

Japanse verfijning op de Kamado egg bbq

YAKINIKU, the Best Kamado BBQ

At YAKINIKU®, quality, precision, and elegance take center stage. With YAKINIKU®'s ceramic barbecues, you opt for a luxurious black appearance and the use of the finest materials. The success of the YAKINIKU® egg Kamado is attributed to its ceramic housing. The egg grill is made of 33 millimeters thick ceramic combined with cordierite, allowing the ceramic BBQ to quickly reach high temperatures and retain heat optimally. This results in a charcoal consumption that is 50 to 70% lower than that of an open barbecue because oxygen is controlled. The special construction, made of glazed thick ceramic walls, protects the Kamado from weather conditions, making the YAKINIKU® egg grill perfect for winter use as well. Bring out the best in yourself, your seasonal dishes, and BBQ adventures with the egg Kamado. Get inspired with delicious recipes and the best Kamado tips. Purchase an egg BBQ from a YAKINIKU® dealer near you!

Which size egg BBQ is suitable for me?

The egg barbecue comes in various sizes and designs. Thus, there is always a type of egg barbecue that suits you. At YAKINIKU®, we offer 8 models in our range. The selection includes: Kamado XXLARGE, Kamado XLARGE, Kamado LARGE, Kamado MEDIUM, Kamado COMPACT, and the MINI Kamado. Additionally, YAKINIKU® offers 2 Black Editions, available in MEDIUM and LARGE sizes.

MINI Kamado | If you're looking for a small egg barbecue, the MINI Kamado is ideal. This small BBQ egg, with its 11-inch size and included portable stand, is easy to move and transport. With its 28cm grill grate, the mini egg is large enough to serve 2 people a delicious meal. Can you picture yourself grilling and enjoying the sun with the Kamado mini black egg at the campsite?

COMPACT Kamado 13 inch | The compact egg Kamado has a slightly larger size with a 31cm grill grate, making it suitable for grilling for 4 people simultaneously. The compact Kamado comes with an easy-to-fold camping stand, making this mobile Kamado extremely flexible. The portable stand, combined with the easy-to-fold camping stand, ensures that the Kamado can be set up in no time, allowing you to grill quickly anytime, anywhere.

Kamado MEDIUM | The MEDIUM Kamado 16 inch is suitable for everyone thanks to its medium size. Whether you have a large garden, a cozy but small garden, or want to create a nice outdoor kitchen, the MEDIUM Kamado makes it possible. With a 41cm grate, the Kamado medium can prepare a meal for 5 people simultaneously.

Kamado LARGE | The Large 19 inch Kamado is one of the best-selling models in our range. With a grilling surface of 49 cm, this egg barbecue easily prepares multiple dishes simultaneously. The large egg grill is ideal for a cozy evening of grilling with family and friends.

Kamado BBQ XL | The Kamado BBQ XL 22 inch from YAKINIKU® is for the true BBQ enthusiast. With a 56cm grate, you have plenty of space to prepare dishes for a large group on the XL barbecue egg.

XXLARGE Kamado | The Kamado XXL 24 inch is the largest model in our collection and is the boss among the YAKINIKU® Kamado eggs. With a large grate of 61cm, you can handle many large preparations simultaneously.

Because we stand for quality, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our models. Ready to buy a BBQ egg? Shop online or visit a YAKINIKU® Premium dealer near you!

How do I maintain a BBQ egg?

Assembly begins with unpacking and laying out all the parts of the Kamado. The next step is assembling the stand, using a screwdriver and wrench. For the Kamado MEDIUM, LARGE, XLARGE, and XXLARGE, attach the included wheels to the stand. Finally, assemble the handles and corresponding parts. Your Kamado is now ready for use.

The YAKINIKU® Kamado is designed to stay outside at all times, even in rain and snow. To enjoy your Kamado for a lifetime, it's crucial to maintain and clean it properly. With the YAKINIKU® Cleaning Kit, you ensure that your Kamado stays in top condition. Assembling and cleaning your egg Kamado is very easy. Our instructional videos on Kamado cleaning, assembly, and maintenance guide you through each step. You can also find detailed instructions in our manual. If you still need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

BBQ schoonmaakborstel Kamado egg bbq accessoire

Customizing Your Kamado Egg BBQ

Every YAKINIKU® Kamado comes standard with many essential BBQ accessories, making grilling even more enjoyable and easier. However, at YAKINIKU®, we are always looking for new accessories and have included various additional and extra accessories in our range, allowing you to truly maximize your Kamado grill. Customize your ideal Kamado with the egg Kamado accessories from YAKINIKU®. A widely sold accessory, for example, is the YAKINIKU® heat shield, which protects all ingredients from direct heat and prevents pieces of meat and fish from burning or drying out. Another popular Kamado accessory is the extra raised grate, which creates an additional grilling surface of up to 70%. At YAKINIKU®, we are happy to provide all the necessities for barbecuing, so you can also order various types of premium and high-quality smoking wood, chunks, and charcoal from us.

Check out our full range of accessories and charcoal quickly, or contact us for personalized advice. We are happy to help you customize your optimal egg grill.

Interested in the YAKINIKU® Egg BBQ?

The range of YAKINIKU® eggs is very diverse, making it possible for everyone to find something suitable. We understand better than anyone that the search for an egg barbecue that suits you can be difficult. At YAKINIKU®, we are happy to lend you a hand with this. If you still have questions about our company, the YAKINIKU® Kamado, or other products, you can always contact us.

Are you currently planning to buy a BBQ egg? Shop it directly online or visit a YAKINIKU® Premium dealer near you!