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EldurApi BBQ Rubs

What is rub for BBQ? A BBQ rub is a dry mix of spices to put on your meat or fish. It is used to season meat before grilling. The term 'rub' comes from the English verb 'to rub', meaning to rub. It got its name because you have to rub it on the meat. Besides adding flavour, it also gives a nice tasty crust.

A good BBQ rub is really a must-have in any seasoning collection. Perfect for grilling your steak or poultry. You can go either way with all the different rubs BBQ. We have 3 different types of BBQ rubs in our range: Chicken rub, Meat rub and the Fish rub. The best BBQ rubs can be found at YAKINIKU!


What are the best BBQ rubs?

You can use rubs for many purposes. For the grilling technique: Low & Slow (here, your ingredients go slowly and at a low temperature on your Kamado), we often use rubs. Because you are cooking the meat slowly, the flavours of the BBQ rub penetrate the meat better. For example, you can prepare a brisket. A brisket is a large piece of beef that needs to be cooked patiently to make the meat tender and flavourful. First rub the meat generously with the EldurApi 31 Meat Rub and then cook it slowly on the Kamado. During the cooking, you can also use injection spices through an injection needle to spread the flavours even further. The delicious combination of a rub on the outside and injecting it with a spice mix on the inside creates a taste sensation. The texture of the meat becomes so soft that it melts away in your mouth.

For fish dishes, the EldurApi 32 Fish Rub is a great choice. Take a sea bass, for example, where you can generously sprinkle the outside with the fish rub, while adding delicious vegetables and herbs inside. For the inside, it's nice to stuff it with lemon, fennel and parsley. You can make it as your own as you like.

For poultry, of course, choose the EldurApi 30 Chicken Rub. You can rub your whole chicken with this and grill it. Rub your poultry at least 2-3 hours in advance so that it absorbs the flavours best. Then you can grill it on your Kamado. The chicken is done when it has reached a core temperature of 74 °C.
Afraid your chicken will be too dry? Then use our Chicken Sitter to keep the chicken juicy on the inside and have a crispy crust on the outside thanks to the BBQ rub. Fill the Chicken Sitter with a nice stock, for example, to prevent the chicken from becoming dry.

Vegetarian? You can, for instance, sprinkle tofu or tempeh with the EldurApi BBQ seasoning. Coat your tofu or tempeh and grill it on your Kamado. Did you know you can even sprinkle popcorn with a rub? You then provide a savoury snack! Of course, you also prepare the popcorn on the Kamado in a cast iron pan.

Afbeelding BBQ Rubs - EldurApi - YAKINIKU

How do you use a BBQ rub?

If you have a BBQ rub, you obviously want to use it properly. Then the question is how to use a BBQ rub.

  1. The meat
    Choosing the right piece of meat definitely makes a difference. Make sure you pick out. Make sure the meat is clean and dry, if the meat is too wet, the rub cannot adhere as well. One adds extra flavours to the dish. A good rub deposits on the meat.
  2. Marinate
    Sprinkle the meat generously with the rub. Be sure to spread it gradually and rub it in well. Let this marinate for a long time for the tastiest results. You can do this ''dry'' but also use as a ''wet'' marinade, then add oil to the rub and you have a marinade.
  3. Grilling
    When the meat is well marinated, you can start heating up your Kamado. You can grill or smoke the meat as usual. Make it easier on yourself by using our BBQ accessories.
  4. Serve
    Once your ingredients are cooked, enjoy the flavours of the meat. Slice the meat and serve it to your guests.

Once you've followed all these steps, you can enjoy sitting at the table together. The BBQ rub has soaked into the meat nicely and gives a delicious taste sensation!



You can go either way with EldurApi BBQ rubs! Experiment with your dishes and adjust the cooking time to your preference. Try all kinds of different recipes and surprise your guests with the delicious dishes!  

For more inspiration, we have more recipes and tips on our website. Here, we show you how to prepare spare ribs, injected chicken and much more. In most recipes, we use our BBQ spices. Want to buy BBQ rubs? Then check out the EldurApi range on our webshop!