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Culinary all-rounder | Kamado LARGE

The Kamado bbq 19 inch is the most ideal Kamado if you want to grill for the whole family or a group of friends. The 49 cm grill surface area makes it easy to prepare several dishes simultaneously. If you like diversity and flexibility, the 19-inch Kamado is the best choice for you. The Kamado LARGE bbq is a true culinary all-rounder and is made with the best materials. Read everything about this Kamado below, from the indispensable accessories to the most delicious recipes.

Standard very complete | Kamado LARGE bbq

With the Kamado LARGE bbq, you get a high quality product in the house. This grill has a luxurious look and is equipped with all comforts. The barbecue consists of the following parts:

  • Ash pan | With the ash pan you can easily remove and catch ashes in your 19 inch Kamado. The pan is removable and ensures that you quickly have a clean Kamado again.
  • Coal basket | With the coal basket in your Kamado LARGE bbq, you avoid having ash between the coals. The ash falls through the basket into the ash pan. With the special coal separator you easily determine the amount of charcoal.
  • Fiberglass seal | The fiberglass seal provides a perfect closure and optimal airtightness of your Kamado LARGE bbq.
  • Chimney with rain cap | The robust chimney of the Kamado LARGE is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. It ensures that your grill reaches the desired temperature. The rain hat ensures that the cooking process will not be disrupted by rain or precipitation.
  • The firebox of the Kamado bbq LARGE consists of several parts. This makes the firebox more flexible and less vulnerable to damage.
  • Stainless steel grill grid | The grid is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The grid is equipped with a hatch, making it easy to move. 
  • Thermometer | With the thermometer you always accurately read the temperature of the Kamado bbq 19 inch.
  • Smoke wood supply | The Kamado LARGE is standard equipped with a smoke wood supply. This allows you to easily add smoke wood to your preparations with the woodchipper. The opening is double insulated and prevents you from burning your finger when adding smoke wood. The opening also allows you to leave the lid closed and not lose heat while grilling.
  • Ceramic | The 19-inch Kamado is handmade in a specially developed process. The special extra-thick ceramic is further refined with quartz and cordierite and fired in the blast furnace at 1200 °C.

The different options of the Kamado LARGE

The Kamado LARGE by YAKINKU is available in different configurations. It is possible to have the Kamado with or without a base and side tables. The Kamado LARGE barbecue without stand and side tables is ideal for use as a grill in your outdoor kitchen, for example. If you want to be flexible, the Kamado 19 inch with frame and side tables is the best choice.

YAKINIKU also offers grillers the possibility to choose the Kamado LARGE bbq in combination with the pro set. The pro set is a multi-level system that allows you to flexibly arrange your Kamado 19 inch. This way, you can easily grill with direct and indirect zones at the same time. You split your Kamado barbecue LARGE in two. You can place a heat shield on one side to protect your ingredient from the heat with indirect heat and cook the other ingredient on the other side without heat shield, with direct heat. With the multilevel lift, it is also possible to cook your food at different heights. In the multilevel lift, you can place your crescent grids at different heights. In this way, you can determine the distance between the coals and your grid on both sides and always achieve the perfect cooking for each ingredient.

It is possible to get the pro set including the Kamado LARGE with base and side tables. The 19-inch is also available with the pro set without stand and side tables. Check out this option here.

Optional accessories | Kamado 19 inch

Besides using the pro set in the Kamado barbecue LARGE, there are a number of other useful accessories. For the optimal use of your grill, you should have these accessories at home.

The woodchipper | With the woodchipper you add extra flavour to your dishes. You easily add the smoking wood in the double insulated opening of the Kamado bbq 19 inch. The different kinds of smoking wood make your dishes a true taste sensation. View the full range of smoking wood here.
Stainless steel table nest | When you do not use the base, this stainless steel table nest is necessary. When you build your Kamado into an outdoor kitchen, the table nest serves as a drain for the heat. Moreover, it ensures that the Kamado bbq LARGE is not placed directly on the furniture.

Rotisserie spit | The rotisserie spit is the accessory if you want to be assured of the perfect cooking of your dishes. The constant rotation in the grill ensures even cooking. This keeps, for example, meat extra juicy. Click here for more information about the rotisserie spit for the Kamado LARGE bbq. Attention! The rotisserie spit can only be used with the pizza mouth LARGE.

Pizzamouth | The pizza mouth is the ultimate accessory for your Kamado LARGE. The slide is ideal for quickly taking pizzas in and out of your Kamado. It prevents temperature loss when baking multiple pizzas. It also reduces the risk of backdraft, making it extremely safe to use. Use the pizza mouth in combination with the multilevel lift, a heat shield and the pizza stone for the best result.

Teppanyaki plate stainless steel | With this teppanyaki plate of stainless steel you grill completely in Japanese style on the Kamado bbq LARGE. Teppanyaki literally translates from Japanese as "baking on an iron plate". With this accessory, you can easily prepare meat, fish, poultry and vegetables on the same plate. For the best results, use the Teppanyaki plate in combination with a dome temperature of 180°C. The plate is made of hardened steel. The Teppanyaki plate is also available as a half-moon. In this way, you can easily prepare two dishes simultaneously. View the half teppanyaki plate here.

Vegetable pan | The vegetable pan is ideal for frying vegetables on your bbq. The pan allows you to quickly prepare the most delicious side dishes. The holes in the pan ensure that the heat and smoke are directly drawn into your dish. This results in a delicious bbq-flavour in your preparation.

Delicious recipes on the Kamado LARGE

The possibilities of preparations on the Kamado barbecue LARGE are endless. To help you on your way, we have highlighted a few delicious recipes that you can start cooking yourself. Curious about all the possibilities? Check out all Kamado recipes here.

Smoked steak tartare
For this delicious steak tartare, heat up your Kamado 19-inch to 80°C. Using the pro set, cook the bavette for 8-10 minutes on the Kamado over direct heat. Using the woodchipper, add acacia smoke wood from BBQ Flavour. When the bavette is cooked, chop it into very fine pieces. Curious about the rest of this recipe? Check out the full preparation of the smoked steak tartare here.

Grilled squid with lemon salad
You start this preparation by cleaning the squid. Then make incisions in the meat and thread the squid onto the YAKINIKU BBQ skewers. You heat up the Kamado LARGE to 150 °C, when the grill has reached this temperature you place the pro set. Then you let the Kamado LARGE bbq heat up to 220°C. Curious how to make lemon salad and prepare this recipe further? Then look here for the full preparation of the grilled squid with lemon salad.