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Everyone is a master griller with the YAKINIKU®

The YAKINIKU® is the ultimate Kamado for anyone who wants to make the most of their BBQ adventures and dishes. With the YAKINIKU®, everyone is a master griller! 

Simple operation, professional result

The YAKINIKU®, which means grilled meat in Japanese, is a Kamado bbq based on a traditional Japanese model. The oval shape of the Kamado ensures that the hot air circulates. You are in control of the temperature in your YAKINIKU®, as you can meticulously regulate the supply of oxygen. So you can grill your meat at a high temperature, and let it cook further at a low one. The YAKINIKU® grill is made of 33 mm thick ceramic, so it retains heat better than other Kamados. The advantage is that charcoal consumption is 50 to 70% lower than with an open barbecue, where oxygen has free rein.

YAKINIKU® vs. other Kamados

  • The YAKINIKU® is a Kamado grill made of extra-thick ceramic of the highest quality, combined with the very strong mineral cordierite and quartz. The YAKINIKU® is therefore resistant to all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Even in winter, this YAKINIKU® grill is ready for you.
  • All stainless steel used in the YAKINIKU® is 304. This steel is the best choice when it comes to heat resistance. In short, this Kamado bbq is as resistant as any other to all weather conditions.
  • The chimney of the YAKINIKU® is also made of 304 stainless steel, and will not rust at all, in contrast to the common cast-iron variant. This chimney with standard rain cap is dishwasher safe.
  • The ashtray of the YAKINIKU® consists of several parts, making it highly heat-resistant. The YAKINIKU®LARGE and XLARGE also come standard with an ashpan and coal basket (also available in MEDIUM), for easy removal of ash and charcoal.
  • The included Fibre Glass seal is made of non-combustible material, so the seal of the YAKINIKU® is optimal. (MEDIUM, LARGE, XLARGE only)
  • The oxygen supply of the YAKINIKU® is divided into measurement units (MEDIUM, LARGE, XLARGE). That way, you set the same air supply every time and it is equipped with a grid to prevent charcoal or sparks from spilling.
  • The Woodchipper is airtight and double insulated so that you can operate this Kamado barbecue without burning your fingers. By means of a bayonet lid, the Woodchipper can be easily opened and closed without damaging the ceramic.

You can expand your Kamado with various accessories:

  • Take, for example, the heat shields. The YAKINIKU® heat shield, or heat deflector, is the perfect accessory for indirect or low-temperature cooking on your YAKINIKU®. The heat shield really serves as a shield for your food, preventing the heat and flames from reaching it directly. It turns your YAKINIKU® into an oven, and extends the number of dishes you can prepare with your Kamado grill. Caution! Do not place any materials (such as aluminum foil / trays) that (may) cause temperature differences on your heat shield. This may cause the heat shield to crack or break.
  • But there is more! And we continue to expand the accessories where possible. A nice, extra accessory for the Kamado bbq is the extra raised grid. The grill raiser of the YAKINIKU® is multifunctional. With the raised grid, you can place meat, fish or vegetables farther from the fire for a slower cooking. This grill grid is also ideal for keeping food warm. It is also an extra level for preparing dishes when you don't have enough space on the regular grid or when you want to separate products.
  • If, in addition to a delicious piece of fish, meat and/or vegetables, you also want to prepare delicious pizza or bread dishes. Then the YAKINIKU® pizza stone is a real must-have. With the YAKINIKU® pizza stone, you can prepare perfect pizzas within minutes. No more travelling to Italy for a delicious pizza. But just at home, from your own garden on your Kamado barbecue. This shock-resistant ceramic stone distributes the heat evenly and absorbs excess moisture for a crispy base. The YAKINIKU® pizza stone can withstand temperatures of 300°C. Besides pizza, you can also use this pizza stone to make delicious bread dishes. The possibilities are endless with these extra accessories for your YAKINIKU® grill.
  • Besides the standard grid, there is also a cast iron grid for the Kamado barbecue. Fire up your YAKINIKU® grill to a high temperature to cook your steak on your YAKINIKU®. With the cast iron grid, you can give your YAKINIKU® the finishing touch! The beautiful stripes on your meat give it more flavour and, of course, an extra beautiful look.
  • Time to take your YAKINIKU® to a whole new level with the Teppanyaki plate. Teppanyaki is a type of food preparation from Japanese cuisine in which an iron plate (teppan) is used to fry food. Fresh ingredients are brought into contact with the glowing plate for as brief a time as possible on a teppanyaki plate and are seared at lightning speed, thereby retaining their colour, flavour and nutrients. Cooking on a Teppanyaki plate is therefore easy, healthy and very tasty.
  • The YAKINIKU® Woodchipper, a unique tool that can only be used in the YAKINIKU® Woodchipper. By using the Woodchipper, you can add smoke wood or seasoning to your cooking at any time without having to open the lid of your Kamado grill. As a result, the set temperature is maintained.
  • Are you fond of a delicious dish of chicken or a delicious spare rib from the YAKINIKU®grill? Expand your accessories with a chicken sitter. The YAKINIKU® chicken sitter is a foldable chicken stand. It is suitable for chickens weighing 1 kg or more. In the holder, there is room for a small can to steam your chicken to make it even more tender, the famous beer-can-chicken. For the best spare ribs, the handy YAKINIKU® meat and rib rack is ideal for perfectly cooking large pieces of meat or ribs on your YAKINIKU® grill. The rack, like the chicken holder, is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.
  • Vegetables on the Kamado are delicious, but most people are happy with a big piece of meat on the YAKINIKU® grill. With the YAKINIKU® meat jaws, you can easily pull apart large and small pieces of meat without getting your hands dirty. Think of a delicious piece of pulled chicken or pulled pork grilled on the YAKINIKU® grill.
  • A handy tool for after your BBQ session is the YAKINIKU® ash scraper. This scraper is a handy tool for removing ash residue from your Kamado grill 13 inch. A nice extra is that this ash cleaning tool is equipped with a bottle opener. To get your grill clean again for a new BBQ adventure, it is ideal to buy a grill grid cleaner for your YAKINIKU® grill. The YAKINIKU® cleaning kit is the ideal way to get your grills clean in no time.
  • Protect your YAKINIKU® Kamado from the elements with a special protective cover. The YAKINIKU® protective cover offers good protection against various weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind. It keeps your Kamado bbq nice and clean. A highly recommended accessory, it extends the life of your YAKINIKU®.