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The Magic of YAKINIKU - the best BBQ cookbook

YAKINIKU is a luxury barbecue brand, offering a complete range of high quality barbecues on which you can easily prepare refined and elegant dishes, whether fish, meat or vegetarian. At YAKINIKU, quality and service are key, and we encourage everyone to get the most out of their barbecue adventures. That's why, while enjoying a Japanese drink in our YAKINIKU® mancave, we have compiled two extensive Japanese cookbooks with delicious barbecue recipes, one Shichirin cookbook and one Kamado cookbook. All the BBQ recipes in the ceramic BBQ cookbook and the table grill cookbook were created with great care after extensive research into possible cooking techniques and a unique collaboration with chefs Thomas van de Weyer and Bart Huybrechts. Thanks to the culinary influences of these chefs, the YAKINIKU® Japanese grill cookbooks make you a true Japanese grill master. The Magic of YAKINIKU.

Japanese sophistication

The Japanese grilling technique is known for grilling small and very refined dishes. Grilling on a Japanese barbecue like the Shichirin and Kamado is therefore a sport of refinement. If you normally think of barbecuing as throwing and tossing large pieces of meat, then this can take some getting used to. The most famous Japanese dish that is prepared on the Shichirin is Yakitori. Yaki means 'grilled' and tori means 'chicken'. Yakitori is a Japanese style of cooking in which small pieces of meat are skewered and then grilled over hot coals. In Japan, Yakitori is often combined with Japanese beer and sake. The Japanese do not like waste and eat from head to tail, really nothing goes to waste. The Yakitori-ya shops or restaurants therefore specialise in everything that can be grilled from chicken on skewers. The YAKINIKU cookery books further elaborate on the beautiful Japanese culture and traditions. Want to get started with unique recipes? Get inspired by the delicious recipes on our website.

Het beste Kamado kookboek met de lekkerste BBQ recepten - YAKINIKU®

Best Shichirin Cookbook - The Magic of YAKINIKU

A Shichirin is a compact and versatile Japanese table grill. Its compact size makes it easy to move and take with you, creating conviviality on and around the dining table anytime, anywhere. Grilling on a Shichirin BBQ is more refined and elegant. The Shichirin is perfect for creating small refined dishes that need more precision. To convey this precision, the Shichirin cookbook was created in which all cooking techniques and secrets around the Shichirin are explained. The Shichirin BBQ cookery book is also full of various BBQ recipes featuring fish, meat, vegetables and delicious desserts. These special and unique recipes from the Shichirin recipe book were created through culinary cooperation with chefs Thomas van de Weyer and Bart Huybrechts. Each recipe includes an ingredient list and accompanying supplies such as charcoal and Yakitori bars. All recipes also have an extensive preparation method in story form that takes you step by step. Besides being functionally very handy, the BBQ Shichirin cookbook also looks great thanks to the beautiful photos made by Pieter D'Hoop. Be surprised and inspired with the Japanese Shichirin BBQ cookbook and get started right away with the tastiest recipes for a BBQ with unique dishes. The Magic of YAKINIKU.

Best Kamado Cookbook - The Magic of YAKINIKU

The first book 'Shichirin' was a huge success. It was therefore only natural to launch a second cookbook especially for the Kamado. In this Kamado cookbook, we take you into the world of the Kamado. From its creation to its use, and especially special recipes in which extra attention is paid to vegetables. The YAKINIKU® Kamado is a ceramic barbecue specially shaped according to the traditional oval Japanese model. With the Kamado, you can prepare refined and elegant dishes in true Japanese style. To support you in using the Kamado, the Kamado cookbook covers all the techniques involved in lighting the Kamado, regulating the temperature, using the pro set and smoking the ingredients. In our Kamado BBQ cookbook, we also give tips on how to properly cook ingredients using indirect heat, direct heat and low & slow grilling. Furthermore, in our Kamado recipe book, we reveal the secret of the best types of charcoal and how to bake a delicious bread and the tastiest pizza you have ever tasted on the Kamado. The Kamado cookery book contains no less than 100 BBQ recipes. All recipes were created in cooperation with chef Thomas van de Weyer. Each recipe includes an ingredient list with matching BBQ accessories such as a multi-level lift and heat shields. All recipes also include an extensive preparation method that takes you step by step. Grilling on a Kamado has never been so easy and delicious. Discover the magic of the Kamado, get going immediately and turn every barbecue into a culinary feast with surprising and above all tasty dishes from the Kamado cookbook. The Magic of YAKINIKU.

Het Shichirin kookboek en het Kamado kookboek met echte Japanse grill BBQ recepten voor de lekkerste BBQ gerechten - YAKINIKU®

Successful collaboration

The Kamado BBQ cookery book and the Shichirin BBQ cookery book were created through fine cooperation with various experts, which raised the books to a higher level. Luc Hoornaert, supplier of rare, Japanese raw materials, took us into the Japanese culture and traditions. Pieter D'Hoop captured the fantastic images of the cookbook BBQ Kamado and the cookbook BBQ Shichirin. The culinary knowledge and experience of chefs Thomas van de Weyer and Bart Huybrechts are indispensable for the realisation of the BBQ books. We look back with pleasure at all the inspiring conversations and want to thank everyone who contributed to the BBQ cookbooks.

Want to buy a Kamado BBQ cookbook or a Shichirin BBQ cookbook? Shop them directly online now or at a YAKINIKU dealer near you!