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Best Kamado,

Discover the ultimate Kamado BBQ experience with YAKINIKU - the choice for the finest Kamado BBQs with a luxurious appearance and crafted from high-quality materials. YAKINIKU is renowned as the top brand among Kamado barbecues on the market. Explore our full range for the best Kamado barbecue, for a next level grilling experience.

Our Story

YAKINIKU® emerged from a profound passion for fire and grilling. In 2014, our journey began, driven by the desire for the ideal egg-shaped barbecue that we couldn't find on the market. From that moment, the development of our high-quality range began gradually. Our quest for the origin of the Kamado led us to Japan, where this grill device has its roots. We decided to create a barbecue that would perfectly suit the needs of the European market. Some choices were obvious, while others presented a challenge. At YAKINIKU, every aspect is meticulously crafted, from the size to the grill dimensions, available options, accessories, and warranty terms. We strive for nothing less than top-rated barbecues that are heat-resistant, have a long lifespan, and meet the highest quality standards. Our models are valuable, and every detail reflects our commitment to quality assurance.

The YAKINIKU, meaning 'grilled meat' in Japanese, is the finest egg-shaped barbecue in traditional Japanese style. The oval shape of the barbecue ensures optimal circulation of hot air, while allowing you to easily control the oxygen supply, giving you full control over the temperature. Our barbecues are made of 33mm thick ceramic, which retains heat better than other models. This results in lower charcoal consumption, making the YAKINIKU a valuable investment.

De beste Kamado bbq bij jouw in de tuin.

Lighting the Kamado barbecue

Start by filling the YAKINIKU barbecue with charcoal in the designated basket. Ensure that the charcoal does not exceed the edges of the basket. If you have used the barbecue before, shake the basket first to remove all ash and dust from the old coals. These residues are ideal for igniting your new coals. Do not use liquid or solid chemical accelerators when lighting the barbecue. Heat the charcoal until a flame appears, which takes about 5 minutes. Then close the lid of the barbecue and fully open the daisy wheel on top. Do the same with the bottom vent slider. Adjust the bottom vent slider to control the temperature once the barbecue has reached 150°C. At this point, you can place the grill grate and other accessories. Keep a close eye on the temperature of the barbecue, especially as it can rise quickly. If you want to grill at a lower temperature, add little or no additional charcoal, otherwise the temperature will become too high.

Did you know that the YAKINIKU barbecue consumes 70% less charcoal than a normal barbecue? This results in less CO2 emissions.

Temperature control

With the YAKINIKU barbecue, you can perfectly control the temperature, opening up endless possibilities for different preparations. Using the two air sliders, you can set the temperature of your YAKINIKU barbecue. Temperatures up to 350°C are possible, from 30°C for cold smoking to 300°C for baking pizzas on a pizza stone.

Bottom Vent Slider

The bottom vent slider on the barbecue has small holes that allow you to set the temperature roughly. This allows you to set the barbecue, for example, at 100, 150, 200, or 300°C.

Daisy Wheel

With the daisy wheel on top of the barbecue, you can fine-tune the temperature. Want to increase the temperature? Open the daisy wheel further. Want to decrease the temperature? Close the daisy wheel (further). When lighting the barbecue, open both the bottom vent slider and the daisy wheel fully. Once the thermometer indicates the desired temperature (usually between 150 and 200°C), you can reduce the ventilation. Do this by adjusting the daisy wheel and bottom vent slider to the right position. The larger the opening, the higher the temperature.

After lighting, you can keep the coals 'on a low flame' or keep your dishes warm for a long time. To do this, close the daisy wheel completely and slightly open the bottom vent slider. The temperature of your YAKINIKU barbecue should be around 50°C to keep dishes warm.


At higher temperatures (from about 200°C), you should open the lid of the barbecue carefully. Open it first slightly, let the lid 'burp' gently, then open it fully. If you open the lid fully immediately, too much oxygen can reach the charcoal, which can lead to flare-ups in the barbecue, also known as backdraft.

Heerlijke ingrediënten op de beste Kamado grill.

Pro Set

YAKINIKU is the best brand in egg-shaped barbecues, and quality is paramount to us. From the LARGE and XLARGE models of the YAKINIKU barbecue, you can use the pro set. The pro set is indispensable if you want to get the most out of your barbecue. This set contains various parts that help you make the most of your barbecue experience. Discover now the LARGE and XLARGE YAKINIKU barbecues including the pro set.

Pro Set

The pro set consists of a multilevel lift, 2 half heat shields, and 2 half-moon grates. With the pro set, you can flexibly arrange your YAKINIKU barbecue. This way, you can easily grill simultaneously on direct and indirect zones. You divide the barbecue into two as it were. This way, you can place a heat shield on one side to protect your ingredient from the heat, while using direct heat on the other side to cook ingredients.

The multilevel lift also allows you to grill at different heights. You can place the half-moon grates at different heights, allowing you to adjust the distance between the charcoal and your grate on both sides. This way, you can always achieve the perfect cooking for each ingredient.

With the pro set, you have a good foundation to get the most out of your YAKINIKU barbecue. With the additional grate of the pro set, you can even grill on a third level. This way, you have even more grilling surface and more flexibility when preparing different ingredients.

Heerlijke ingrediënten op de beste Kamado bbq.


Low & Slow

The most flavorful pieces of meat are often the toughest. A piece of fillet may have a nice texture, but contains little flavor because it has little fat and has not been active. Ribeye or T-bone steak is much more interesting because of the presence of fat, which adds flavor and protects the meat from drying out.

For real grill masters, it becomes really interesting when they prepare meat that has been used intensively. These pieces are often tough when raw or grilled briefly, but by slow cooking at a low temperature in the best egg-shaped barbecue, they become incredibly tender. The advantage of preparing on the YAKINIKU barbecue is that the smoky flavor penetrates deep into the meat.


The YAKINIKU barbecue is perfect for adding a smoky flavor to your dishes. Explore our full range of smoking wood and wood chips here.

Wood chips

Add wood chips to your burning charcoal to give your dishes a smoky flavor on the kamado barbecue. You can use wood chips dry or wet:

Dry wood chips ignite quickly and give off intense smoke briefly. Use them to add an intense smoky flavor to your dishes. Ideal for smoked oysters or thin pieces of meat with a short preparation time. No heat shield is needed with dry wood chips. For quick, intense preparations, you want to fully utilize the radiant heat from the charcoal.

Wet wood ignites more slowly and gives off smoke for a long time, but less intensely. Use wet wood chips for longer preparations at lower temperatures, where you want to add a subtle smoky flavor regularly. Think of thick pieces of meat, whole chickens, or fish on the ceramic barbecue. A heat shield is necessary with wet wood chips to protect your dish from the direct heat of the charcoal.

Master tip YAKINIKU

Choose your smoking wood carefully, each type of wood has its own flavor, intensity, and burning time.