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Make the most of your Kamado with YAKINIKU® accessories

YAKINIKU offers a wide range of accessories and charcoal for your Kamado and Shichirin. The YAKINIKU® Kamado barbecues are made in different models: mini Kamado, compact Kamado 13 inch, Kamado medium, Kamado large 19 inch, Kamado bbq xl and Kamado bbq xxl. Each model can be expanded with the unique and very diverse BBQ Kamado accessories from YAKINIKU®. This allows you to create the best Kamado BBQ. Do you want to buy a Kamado? Order directly online or take a look at one of our closest dealers. 

Accessories BBQ Kamado

The YAKINIKU ceramic Kamado is designed after the traditional Japanese model.  YAKINIKU ceramic BBQ are perfect for all kinds of cooking from "low and slow" to "high and fast". All YAKINIKU® Kamados come standard with many essential Kamado BBQ accessories that make grilling even more fun. At YAKINIKU, we're happy to help you assemble the Kamado. For example, the easy-to-fold camping frame is one of the standard accessories included with the Kamado Compact. With the Kamado Compact, you can easily barbecue in any location. However, over time we have come across more and more fun Kamado BBQ accessories and we are still looking for them. This is why we have included various additions and extra Kamado BBQ accessories in our range, so you can get the ultimate out of your Kamado grill. A popular accessory is the YAKINIKU® heat shield, with this plate setter you protect all ingredients against direct heat and prevent pieces of meat and fish from burning or becoming dry. In fact, the Kamado now functions more like a Dutch oven than a grill. This makes the heat shield indispensable for indirect grilling on a Kamado. Another popular Kamado accessories offer is the extra raised grid. With the extra raised grid from YAKINIKU®, you create an extra 70% of grilling surface, so you can grill for more people at the same time. The YAKINIKU® Kamado is made from the highest quality extra-thick ceramic, which makes it inherently resistant to all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. However, if you take great care of your Kamado and want to ensure that it looks perfect at all times, we recommend the YAKINIKU® protective cover. In our assortment we also have the following best accessories Kamado: Pro set, WoodChipper, cleaning kit and various cleaning tools.

YAKINIKU® luxe BBQ leren handschoenen Kamado accessoires

Pro set | The pro set is a complete set consisting of a multilevel lift, 2 half-heat shields and 2 half-moon grids. The pro set makes it possible to divide your ceramic BBQ in a flexible way by splitting the Kamado in two. This allows you to easily grill with direct and indirect zones at the same time. The multi-level lift also makes it possible to prepare dishes at different heights. With the YAKINIKU® Pro set, you get the most out of your Kamado.

WoodChipper | All our Kamado models (except the MINI) are equipped with a double insulated access to easily add smoke wood. This access, in combination with the YAKINIKU® WoodChipper, makes it possible to add smoke wood without opening the Kamado, keeping it at the right temperature. This makes the YAKINIKU® WoodChipper an essential accessory for smoking food with smoking wood.

Ash cleaning tool | The YAKINIKU® ash cleaning tool is perfect for removing ash by quickly and easily sliding it out through the vent slider. In addition, this tool also lends itself perfectly to distributing coals. Kamado cleaning has never been easier.

Cleaning kit | The YAKINIKU® cleaning kit is a complete set of the very best products for cleaning your Kamado. This kit consists of a stainless steel cleaner, Kamado cleaner, grill cleaner, microfibre cloth, steel sponge and a bucket for charcoal residue.  Optimal care and Kamado maintenance, that is optimal enjoyment. See all cleaning products in our Kamado accessories range.

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