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Pulled mushroom taco | sour cream | hazelnut

2 persons | Vegetables, Shichirin | Vegetarian | Side dish, Main dish

Prep time
30 min
Cook time
20 min
Total time
50 min

Prep time

  • Light the Binchotan, fully open the sliders of the Shichirin and let it reach a good temperature. Make sure the Shichirin reaches a temperature of about 175 °C.


  • Cut the hazelnuts into pieces with a knife, these should be fairly coarse. Roast the hazelnuts in a sieve over the glowing Binchotan until they start to brown.

  • Pick the huacatay and keep the stems aside.

  • Pull the oyster mushrooms into strips, do not cut them with a knife because then you will cut the fibers and they will become tough. When you tear them, they tear at the fibers just like pulled pork and remain nice and tender and juicy.

  • Mix the oyster mushrooms in a bowl with neutral oil, a little Pimentón de la Vera, salt and the finely chopped stalks of huacatay. Note: Pimentón de la Vera tastes very spicy, so use carefully.

  • Place the teppanyaki plate on the Shichirin and let it get hot.

  • Fry the oyster mushrooms on the teppanyaki plate and mix well regularly with the BBQ spatulas until they start to become crispy. Once the oyster mushrooms are cooked, keep them aside and fry the tortillas on both sides on the teppanyaki plate until they start to puff up.

  • Place the oyster mushrooms in the center of the tortilla and divide the BBQ sauce, some sour cream and hazelnuts over them. Finish with the huacatay leaves.


Tip: This dish is delicious paired with the Mimetic 2021 - Gallina de Piel wine from HermanWines. This is a wine by the former sommelier of El Bulli, the Spanish three-star restaurant that was crowned best restaurant in the world several times and closed its doors in 2013. Made up mainly of grenache, Mimetic is juicy, spicy and has a subtle smoky note. Goes perfectly with a more spicy dish with earthy ingredients like oyster mushroom.



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  • 100 gr hazelnuts
  • 500 gr oyster mushrooms
  • Smoky BBQ sauce
  • Sour cream
  • Tortillas (depending on size ±2 pp)
  • Neutral oil
  • Salt


  • Shichirin
  • Binchotan
  • Teppanyaki plate
  • Sieve
  • BBQ spatulas

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