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Bagel with smoked salmon

4 persons | Pizza and bread | Fish | Main dish


Start by marinating the salmon with sugar, Japanese Smoked Salt and Fish herbs. Let the salmon rest for at least two hours in the refrigerator. Afterwards, light the charcoal and heat the YAKINIKU® to a temperature of 70 °C and place the pro set in the Kamado.  Place the cast iron grid on the highest level in the multilevel lift. 

Pat the salmon dry and smoke the salmon for 15 minutes on the cast iron grate. Add the soaked smokewood and Fire herbs using the woodchipper. Afterwards, let the salmon rest. Now heat the YAKINIKU® to 150 °C. Once the temperature is reached place the pro set in the Kamado. Then place the heat deflector underneath and place the cast iron grid at the highest level in the multilevel lift. Now let the Kamado heat up to 200°C.

Meanwhile, mix a little self-rising baking flour in a bowl with yogurt and a little Japanese Smoked Salt. Then knead the dough into bagel-shaped circles and brush with egg yolk. Top the bagels with Japanese Smoked Salt and pul biber. Toast the bagels on the cast iron grill for 20 to 25 minutes until brown and crisp.  

Meanwhile, season the cheese spread with Japanese Smoked Salt, Japanese Szechuan Pepper and chopped dill. Mix well. Finally, cut the bagel in half, spread with cream cheese and top with salmon and chopped green onion.



The word Bagel comes from the Yiddish "beygl" which means "ring"? So if a bagel is not shaped like a ring, it is not a bagel. Although bagels are shaped to fit their name, the hole in the middle has a very important purpose. Namely, the hole increases the surface area of the bagel and allows for more crust to form, which means the bagel is cooked faster. In addition, bagel sellers used to place the bagels on a wooden bar to sell them in the city streets, so the hole was very useful for that as well.




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