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Banana and caramel quesadillas

4 persons | Desserts | Vegetarian | Dessert


Light the charcoal and heat the YAKINIKU® to a temperature of 150 °C and place the pro set in the Kamado. Then place the standard grid on the highest level in the multilevel lift. Now let the Kamado heat up further to 170 °C.

Meanwhile, peel the bananas and cut them into thin slices. Then spread one of the tortillas with the caramel sauce and place the banana slices on top. Spread another tortilla with ricotta and top this tortilla with the dessert mix.

Place the tortilla with ricotta on top of the tortilla with banana and gently press it down. Then spread the top tortilla with melted butter using a pastry brush. Now place the tortilla butter side down on the grill grid and also spread the top of the tortilla with butter. Grill the quesadillas for about 10 minutes until nicely browned, turning halfway through. Prepare the rest of the quesadillas in the same way.

Finally, cut the quesadillas into quarters and finish with dessert mix, a few slices of banana and some fresh mint.



EldurApi Injection Dessert Mix: A sweet and fragrant blend of cinnamon, cloves, anise and a touch of ginger and cardamom. There are two different ways to use the dessert mix: dry and wet! 




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