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Environmentally friendly barbecuing 

YAKINIKU® prefers quality and sustainability above all else. We are happy to be part of a change towards a more sustainable and responsible society. Because even barbecuing can be done in a more sustainable way. For this reason, we have chosen to work with materials that last for life. So that grilling on the Kamado also becomes more sustainable. Read below what makes these materials sustainable.




Bamboo remains one of the most underestimated raw materials in our society. According to the Guiness World Record, this unique grass species is the fastest growing plant in the world. It grows up to several centimetres a day. Bamboo can be harvested after 3 to 6 months and grows 3 times a year without chemicals or irrigation. This makes the lifespan of bamboo many times longer than the harvest time. This makes it an extremely fast renewable resource. 

Another interesting property of bamboo is that it grows like a weed. 

Bamboo can be perfectly planted on undeveloped land. It thus prevents deforestation. 
YAKINIKU® manufactures many products from this raw material. For example, the side tables and handles of our Kamado are made of bamboo only. The choice of this material makes the Kamado a more sustainable BBQ. Also in other products we try, where possible, to use bamboo. Take for example the YAKINIKU fan. This fan is made entirely of bamboo which makes it a sustainable accessory for the Kamado.




The Kamado and Shichirin from YAKINIKU® feature a solid ceramic casing combined with cordierite. Due to the special construction and the high quality thick ceramic walls, the Kamado is extremely energy-efficient. Ceramic has a very durable character and can withstand severe weather conditions. This natural material is formed from clay and is free from harmful substances. Ceramic has an extremely long life and can be reused 1:1. By using these materials, we ensure that you can barbecue in a more environmentally friendly way.



Stainless steel type 304

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chrome, nickel and carbon that is melted together under high temperatures. The result is a super-strong, wear-resistant steel that will last for years. In addition, 304 stainless steel is 100% recyclable. For this reason, stainless steel is the choice for YAKINIKU®. We try to use this material in as many of our products as possible, from the Kamados and Shichirins, to many different accessories. For example, grill grids, skewers or the pizza scoop.

The above materials make the Kamado more environmentally friendly than a traditional open barbecue. It also makes the product 100% recyclable. Recycling products requires much less energy than the extraction of new raw materials. In addition, the ability to recycle materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to materials that cannot be recycled. YAKINIKU® makes conscious environmental choices to make barbecuing more sustainable.


Sustainable charcoal

Choosing an environmentally friendly charcoal is very important to us. YAKINIKU® only uses charcoal from BBQ Flavour. The core values of quality and sustainability are well reflected in this charcoal. To create sustainable charcoal, it is important that no chemicals or other industrial binders are added. This is what makes the charcoal pure and natural. BBQ Flavour processes its charcoal with natural raw materials such as rice starch. 

Furthermore, it is important that the product has a long burn time. This allows you to use the charcoal in a sustainable way and reduces the consumption drastically. The charcoal is 100% natural, so you can use the ashes to help nature. The leftover ashes are perfect for fertilising your vegetable garden or lawn.
The Kamado allows you to be extra economical with your charcoal. Because you can close the Kamado completely, your charcoal goes out. It is therefore possible to reuse it during the next grilling session. On average, you use 70% less charcoal.