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Rotisserie for the Kamado
Do you want to be sure your dishes are always perfectly cooked? Then you should definitely choose the YAKINIKU Rotisserie spit. Using a rotisserie in your Kamado is one of the most tasteful ways of barbecuing. Rotisserie spits for Kamados are today very popular among bbq fans all over the world. This bbq spit for the Kamado makes sure your meat stays extra juicy. Discover below all about the specifications, the assembly and the countless possibilities with the YAKINIKU Kamado rotisserie.

Benefits of even cooking
Because the Kamado rotisserie constantly rotates, the meat covers itself with its own fat. This form of cooking makes the meat juicier and more tender than ever before. When your ingredient is slowly rotated on the Kamado spit, it also loses less moisture. This prevents your ingredient from becoming dry. 

The bbq spit in your Kamado ensures perfect even cooking. The electric motor of the rotisserie spit allows you to roast slowly. This results in optimal taste retention of your ingredients. The rotating movement right above the glowing charcoal ensures that your ingredient gets a delicious crispy crust.

The specifications | Kamado spit
The YAKINIKU rotisserie system is an electric rotisserie spit that runs on 220 volts or batteries. The batteries for the Kamado spit are not included. When the power is connected or the batteries are inserted, you can easily switch on the Kamado rotisserie spit via the on/off button. The bbq spit can only be used on the YAKINIKU Kamado LARGE and XLARGE.

The Kamado rotisserie spit comes with the following parts:

  • Spit | The spit is made of high quality stainless steel type 304. A weight is attached to the spit to keep the rotisserie in your Kamado balanced.
  • The spit is made of high quality stainless steel type 304. The forks are made of high quality stainless steel type 304.
  • Spit extension | Together with the rotisserie spit come two parts to extend the spit. 
  • Electric motor
  • Mains charger

How to assemble the rotisserie spit on your YAKINIKU® Kamado?
Once you've received the spit at home, you'll naturally want to savour the taste of succulent meat as soon as possible. To do this, you first need to assemble the rotisserie for the Kamado. We are happy to help you with this. Follow the steps below and you will be ready in no time to grill in a new way.

  • The YAKINIKU rotisserie spit can only be used in combination with the YAKINIKU LARGE and XLARGE pizza mouth. The pizza mouth is completely made of the best quality stainless steel type 304. The pizza mouth contains a handy slide, which is ideal for quickly taking your pizzas in and out. In this way, you do not lose temperature while baking several pizzas.
  • You start by attaching the handle to the rotisserie spit. It is important that you attach the weight between the handle and the spit. This provides extra balance.
  • When the handle is attached, it is time to assemble the extensions. It depends on which extension you need to use. If you are using the rotisserie spit for the Kamado LARGE, just attach the longest extension to the end of your spit. Are you using the rotisserie spit for the Kamado 21 inch? Then mount both extensions to the end of your rotisserie spit.
  • You can now easily assemble the skewer forks to the rotisserie for your Kamado.
  • Then place the matching pizza mouth in your Kamado. On the side, you can easily slide the electric motor over the pizza mouth. You can now insert the spit into the electric motor.

When the pizza mouth is placed in the Kamado, the lid may not close perfectly. You can easily solve this problem by raising the hinge a little. Raise the hinge so that the lid closes completely. This way, you will not lose any temperature.

The rotisserie basket 
The rotisserie basket is the perfect accessory to complement the electric rotisserie in your barbecue. The basket is ideal for preparing smaller ingredients on the rotisserie spit. With the rotisserie basket, you assure yourself of a perfect preparation time after time. This is because of the constant rotation. The possibilities with the basket are endless. Grill delicious chicken wings or tasty vegetables. You can even choose to roast nuts.

Ready to upgrade your bbq spit in your Kamado? Check out the YAKINIKU rotisserie basket here. 

The rotisserie basket can only be used in combination with the YAKINIKU® pizza mouth and rotisserie spit.

Delicious dishes with the BBQ spit for the Kamado
When you are ready to use the spit for your Kamado, you want to make the most delicious dishes. Fortunately, this is no problem with the rotisserie. We would like to help you on your way with a few tips for dishes you can make at home!

Chicken on the rotisserie spit in your Kamado
When you think of a dish with a rotisserie in your Kamado, you think of deliciously tender chicken with a crispy crust. The chicken retains all its flavour and juices thanks to the constant rotation of the rotisserie. You can marinade the chicken with a spicy rub of your choice for extra flavour. Heat the Kamado to a temperature of 150°C. Cook the chicken until it has reached a core temperature of 73 °C. This takes about 1-2 hours. Want to add more flavour to your chicken? Then be sure to use the smoked wood of BBQ Flavour, apricot smoke wood is perfect for chicken. 

Gyros on the rotisserie in your Kamado
A classic among the Kamado recipes fitting on the bbq spit. A real Greek gyros starts with the right gyros herbs. These herbs turn you into a true marinade. You can use different herbs like oregano, paprika, chili powder and thyme. Don't forget your standard salt and pepper. To make the marinade, mix the dry herbs together with olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon.

Now you start with the gyros. Cut it in thin slices of about 1 cm. Let the meat marinate for at least 4 hours in a ziplock bag together with the marinade. Now it is time to light the ceramic bbq. Heat it up to a temperature of 130 °C. Make sure you have a direct and indirect zone. You can easily do this with the pro set.

You now start to thread the meat on the spit in front of your Kamado. When the spit is hot, let the gyros cook for about 2/3 hours. The meat should reach a core temperature of 70°C.
When the gyros is ready, remove the spit from the Kamado. Serve the gyros with pita bread, a delicious tzatziki and red onion.